So don’t just assume that your documentation, coding and billing is in compliance with insurance laws and regulations, know you’re compliant.

That’s why we recommend letting us take a look, to find any mistakes or problems so that they can be corrected before an audit. Our experienced team of auditors will confidentially review your charts, looking for documentation, billing and coding errors.


Here’s Exactly What You Get With Your Individualized Four Chart Review:

An expert documentation, coding and billing review of four patient charts by an experienced Certified Compliance Specialist and Insurance Consultant. An Executive Summary detailing your risk including:

  • The Executive Summary also documents your compliance with federal law requiring that all healthcare entities show proof of ongoing record audits.

  • Suggested actions to take so that your documentation will pass an insurance audit and give you peace of mind.

  • The Executive Summary will grade each area and determine your percentage error rate. An error rate of 6% or less is considered acceptable by Medicare and commercial insurance standards. Your percentage error rate is also important to document ongoing improvement in future reviews.

  • A complete review of your documentation, including intake forms, history, examinations and daily SOAP notes to ensure your records meet standard medical necessity guidelines.

  • An assessment of patterns in documentation, coding and billing that could present compliance concerns and increase your risk of being audited.

  • A Business Associate Agreement is provided for the chart review.

We Want To Give You As Much Help As We Possibly Can…

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When you get started TODAY, you will get to review your results with an experienced Certified Compliance Specialist to prevent any confusion and ensure your Peace of Mind.

Lets face, it asking for help to achieve a goal is NOT a sign of weakness! In fact, getting insight, a fresh perspective, and motivation from an impartial observer can be just what you need to find a new way to tackle a problem you’ve been having trouble overcoming.

*After you place the order, you will be contacted within 24 hrs to arrange for HIPAA compliant delivery of the documents needed and you should receive your report within approximately one week.