Compliance Made Easy



Dr. Davenport, DC is widely recognized as one of the most practical and knowledgeable HIPAA Compliance and Security Specialist. As a frequent lecturer, columnist and author, he has served as insurance and compliance consultant for state organizations and private clients. As the founder and chief compliance officer for Compliance & Auditing Services LLC, Dr. Davenport helps doctors develop, implement, and maintain office compliance programs that exceed state and federal regulations.

In his new book, “Compliance Made Easy,” Dr. Davenport lays out a complete guide to developing an effective office compliance program that exceeds all state and federal regulations that any doctor can put to immediate use to help protect their office from federal and state investigations and insurance audits.

Just a few things you’ll learn in this easy-to-read, easy-to-understand book include:

  • How to make more money doing things the right way
  • Proving medical necessity
  • Direct therapeutic relationships
  • Compliant coding
  • Compliant documentation
  • Documenting the correct level of examination and re-examination
  • Developing compliant treatment plans
  • The correct use of the ABN form
  • How to give compliant Patient discounts
  • Billing wellness care
  • Examples in every chapter that can be used macros
  • And more!



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