One Hour Consult



The One Hour Plus Consult Get Help For More Complex Problems For Only $296 $226.30

Whether you have a variety of questions on different issues or just one big problem in your office that you would like to get solved, our one hour consult is the answer.  With this popular option, you will get one-on-one time with a seasoned compliance and insurance consulting expert to give you guidance, and thoroughly answer all of your questions.

Do You Have A Variety Of Questions On Different Issues That Need Immediate Attention?

Most offices use this option to get their billing issues resolved, help prepare documentation for records request for audits, deal with compliance concerns or problems in their office that need clear answers and guidance to solve. Whatever the problem our team of documentation, coding, billing and practice management specialists are here to find the best answers for any of the issues or a
particular problem you’re stressing over.


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